Low Country Farmhouse 1024 576 Administrator

Low Country Farmhouse

Rustic and refined in a cohesive renovation Our team of architects and builders completely transformed an inefficient, cramped, 1960s colonial…

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Modern Urban Townhouse 1024 576 Administrator

Modern Urban Townhouse

A showplace, modern home that brings a family closer These homeowners traded in 20+ years of a multi-hour commute from…

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Condo on the Lake 1024 576 Administrator
Wilmette Condo on Lake Michigan - Living Room and view

Condo on the Lake

Very first SSDB clients commission second project – 23 years later – as Empty-Nesters Transitioning a client from the large,…

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Whimsical Tudor 1024 683 Administrator
Kenilworth Custom Home

Whimsical Tudor

Retaining all the character of a 1923 whimsical Tudor while expanding to meet the needs of an active family of…

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Cohesive Modern Renovation 1024 576 Administrator
Highland Park Modern Home Renovation Exterior

Cohesive Modern Renovation

Restoring delight to a mid-century modern for avid art collectors. This home in Highland Park was once state-of-the-art, but had…

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Northbrook Country Estate 1024 576 Administrator
Northbrook Tudor Style Ranch Renovation

Northbrook Country Estate

A complete makeover for a sprawling Tudor style ranch. This Northbrook home, built in the 60s, had survived a number of…

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Total Tudor Restoration 1024 576 Administrator
Winnetka Historic Home Restoration

Total Tudor Restoration

1920s Tudor style estate restored to its original grandeur for a young family This 5-bedroom Winnetka home was completely updated…

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Historic Winnetka Restoration 1024 576 Administrator
Historic Winnetka Home Restoration 20th Century Colonial

Historic Winnetka Restoration

An early 20th-century colonial now sparkles with energy and feels new again. Everything about this historic Winnetka home was steeped…

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Iconic Architectural Preservation 1024 576 Administrator
Kenilworth Historic Home Preservation

Iconic Architectural Preservation

Preservation of a George Maher original This project was as educational as it was important. This home, originally constructed in…

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Historic Beauty 1024 732 Administrator
historical home in wilmette il front exterior view

Historic Beauty

A 10+ Year Conservation of a Significant Property This grand, neoclassical home, circa 1893, was one of the first residences…

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