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Winnetka Current 428 244 Administrator

Winnetka Current

Thank you Winnetka Current for the great article about the Winnetka Club Lifestyles Home tour… “…during the tour of the…

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Making Radio Waves 1024 683 Administrator

Making Radio Waves

Scott Simpson and Thomas “TK” Kenny were guests on the Mighty House Radio Show, live on WCGO 1590AM & 95.9FM.…

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Heart of the Outdoors 1024 683 Administrator
Northbrook Eco-conscious Contemporary - 4 Season Porch BBQ

Heart of the Outdoors

Our own Amy Mangold was featured in a recent Kitchen and Bath Design News article about outdoor spaces! See the…

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Keep Craft Alive 700 394 Administrator

Keep Craft Alive

Our very own Scott Simpson was featured in the Keep Craft Alive Campaign, which celebrates those who have chosen to…

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Welcoming a Revolution 1024 776 Administrator

Welcoming a Revolution

In the past decade, more than 1.5 million workers nationwide, thousands in Chicago, have left trades careers, while the remaining…

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Labor Shortage Spotlight 1000 667 Administrator

Labor Shortage Spotlight

Thank you,, DDC Journal, for the opportunity to talk about our commitment to strengthening the industry and the community. Building…

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Top Residential General Contractor Honor for SSB 1024 576 Administrator

Top Residential General Contractor Honor for SSB

Thank you, Chicago Architects! The Best Residential General Contractors in Chicago Our list of the 15 best residential contractors in…

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Top Design-Build Firm Honor for SSB 1024 683 Administrator
Wilmette Green New Home Construction Salvaged Wood Center Staircase

Top Design-Build Firm Honor for SSB

Thank you, Jack Cookson of BuildZoom. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! The Best Design Build Firms in Chicago…

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Holiday Card Shenanigans 1024 715 Administrator

Holiday Card Shenanigans

Happy Holi-craze! It’s that time of year when you gather those most special to you – and make a ridiculous…

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A Passion for Homebuilding and Music 780 439 Administrator
Homebuilding and Music

A Passion for Homebuilding and Music

Music has been a passion and thread through my life – connecting people, special occasions, milestones, memories. I’ve been thinking…

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