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Elevating Life Through Beautiful Spaces

People behave differently in different places. A person walking into a medieval cathedral or a forest tends toward quiet. The same person entering an active gym or sports arena tends toward jumping and clapping.

The same principle holds true for the spaces in and around your house. A space giving to study or work will promote better work and study. A space giving for rest or play will promote better rest and play.

But there is more here needed than just spaces. There are countless examples of houses with vast spaces that are experienced as stark or brutal or unkind. Beauty is necessary to inspire the places and their purposes to a higher order. This is the work of architecture.

Most of us pass through life in a state of semi-aesthesia. We blot out life with the business of living. We shut out life itself to in order to carry on and survive. It is the function of the architecture of the house to subtly and almost imperceptibly pierce that shield. The process is very clandestine. The architecture is continuously changing who you are as you experience it.

Good architecture will act as a pointer to help you see who you might ideally become. It will give you the appropriate place for the becoming to take place. It will contain the spirit of the family for whom the house has been designed. Architecture will act as an advertisement informing the outside world who the occupants are and it will be an expression of the owner’s values and hopes.

A person exposed to beautiful architecture will grow in reverence and awe. It will cultivate friendships, gratitude, humility, kindness and joy.

This is our area of destiny.

Thomas Kenny
Scott Simpson Design + Build