Happy Holidays! 1024 683 Administrator

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you an iconic holiday and a timeless sense of wonder from our happy place out on a limb! Our…

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Ranch House Renderings 1024 576 Administrator

Ranch House Renderings

The rendering stage of our architecture and home design process can bring new ideas – like moving the fireplace on…

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Architectural Drywall 1024 576 Administrator

Architectural Drywall

We love walking clients through the drywall phase. Always makes a home seem brighter and brighter as the structures take…

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Hand Sketches to Renderings 1024 576 Administrator

Hand Sketches to Renderings

We use hand sketches to explore roof shape and window patterns to maximize views, add interest and optimize light. There…

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Video Series: Lake Shore Drive Remodel 1024 576 Administrator

Video Series: Lake Shore Drive Remodel

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the remodel of an incredible Lake Shore Drive condominium! Architect Amy Scruggs shares the step-by-step thinking…

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Lake Shore Drive Remodel – Final Finishes 1024 576 Administrator

Lake Shore Drive Remodel – Final Finishes

Take a tour of the “final finishes” stage of an incredible Lake Shore Drive condominium. Architect Amy Scruggs shares the…

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Vanity Projects 1024 1024 Administrator

Vanity Projects

A little bit of vanity never hurt an architect-led design-build. Learn a little more about our custom residential design team…

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Winnetka Deconstruction 1024 576 Administrator

Winnetka Deconstruction

Uncover the unexpected with us in a 2-part video series detailing deconstruction of a 1920s Winnetka home – a kinder-to-the-environment…

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New Construction Options, Millwork 1024 576 Administrator

New Construction Options, Millwork

Ashland Millwork has an amazing assortment of interior trim profiles and we love to walk clients through every little detail!…

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Associate Project Manager, TJ Floyd 1024 384 Administrator

Associate Project Manager, TJ Floyd

By way of a 4-year NCAA baseball career and multiple years building distribution facilities, TJ brings the perfect energetic discipline…

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