Thomas T.K. Kenny

Thomas “TK” Kenny, North Shore Residential Design Builder

I am a carpenter who has built hundreds of thousands of square feet of residential housing and helped to manage more than a hundred million dollars of new construction and remodeling work on the North Shore.

I am a woodworker who loves fine joinery.

I am a battlefield commander who loves to lead construction projects from the field.

I am a designer who loves to express ideas by hand drawing, CAD drawings or 3D modeling.

I am a scientist who loves the study of building performance and renewable, green building practices. Whether it’s geothermal or solar energy, large or complex structural loads or controlling microclimates within the home.

I am an aesthetic philosopher who loves to seek beauty.

I am a romantic theologian who loves to seek infinity.

I am a capomaestro (construction manager) who loves to organize design builders- architects, engineers, designers and tradespeople- to do their best work in concert with each other.

I am an accountant seeking to stretch the dollar.

I am a negotiator seeking the win/win agreement.

I am a father who is astonished by his children.

I am a husband who can’t believe she married me.

I am a human being.

“The quality of the work is interwoven with the quality of the individual.”

John Ruskin