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Geothermal Energy

Digging down 40 stories to use the Earth to heat and cool a house as eco-consciously as possible? Yah, we like geothermal energy. Check out how we harness the Earth’s natural processes to reduce the carbon footprint of our builds.

We drilled three holes 400 feet deep so we can heat and cool this house using geothermal energy. We cycle the fluid down and extract the energy that’s trapped in the ground so that for every unit of energy we use to extract the energy in the ground, we get three to four units of free energy so it’s very, very efficient. In warm weather we will take the heat energy that’s trapped in the house and cast it back into the loop – recharging the field. The house is heated and cooled using energy stored at the Earth’s constant temperature below ground which makes the loop sustainable.

One of the reason why Scott Simpson Design + Build is so good at this is we have a lot of experience – probably ten houses – including TK’s house so he gets to actually live with geothermal energy and understand the complexities first hand. One of the really good things is that it does not take a natural gas furnace to heat and cool the house so the carbon footprint has been diminished. In fact you can eliminate the carbon footprint on a project like this because you can buy all your electricity from providers that make electricity from wind farms so there’s no carbon footprint. It’s very green.

We like to educate homeowners on the healthiest building choices. We’ll help you understand geothermal energy, rain gardens, solar panels, green roofs, local sourcing and reclaimed materials.