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Creating a Rain Garden

Opportunities to raise your eco-consciousness can be as close as your own backyard. Scott Simpson Design + Build created the first village-approved rain garden in Northbrook, IL, which uses vegetation, soils and other elements to restore some of the natural processes required to manage water and create a healthier environment.

This was the first rain garden ever designed in Northbrook, Illinois. When we designed this house we wanted to diminish the load of a large rain event on the neighbors and the municipal system so we designed an underground 5,000 gallon storm water detention system. What that does is keep the water out of basements and below ground. The water can then be harvested to irrigate the property, which is a very, very green way of managing water.

We like to educate homeowners on the healthiest building choices. We’ll help you understand geothermal energy, rain gardens, solar panels, green roofs, local sourcing and reclaimed materials.