Future Architect 1024 576 Administrator

Future Architect

Whether deciding on courses of study, choosing a major, thinking about joining the architecture or construction trades or picking a…

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Pool House Design and Build 1024 576 Administrator

Pool House Design and Build

Right before the drywall stage on an eco-friendly, modern pool house – with radiant floors, reclaimed wood and foam insulation…

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Green Home Insulation 1024 576 Administrator

Green Home Insulation

As an Earth-first design and build firm we regularly exceed code expectations during the rough phase – when most companies…

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Design + Build Framing Timelapse 1024 576 Administrator

Design + Build Framing Timelapse

Well underway on our custom home build in Kenilworth. You can really appreciate all the architecture work and building detail…

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An Architect and a Builder Outtakes 1024 576 Administrator

An Architect and a Builder Outtakes

No need for one-day jokes when you have foolishness on the daily! So, a builder and an architect walk into…

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Lakefront Architecture 768 1024 Administrator

Lakefront Architecture

Take an inside look at the architecture of a beautiful lakefront home design and build. From rebuilding the bluff to…

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Happy Irish Jig Day! 1024 576 Administrator

Happy Irish Jig Day!

🍀 Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! 🍀The tradition continues. 🍀 Paige feels very lucky today! 🍀

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Client Testimonials 1024 576 Administrator

Client Testimonials

A great way to get to know us is through our design-build clients! After 25 years of designing and building…

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Reclaimed Barn Beam Installation 1024 576 Administrator
reclaimed barn wood

Reclaimed Barn Beam Installation

Enjoy a look at how we cut and manually install 400-pound reclaimed barn beams into a custom design-build home. Even…

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The Love of Design-Build 1024 384 Administrator

The Love of Design-Build

Happy Valentine’s Day from the SSDB family! Dear Valentines,   We don’t say it enough. We love this work we…

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