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What We Love About Modern Tudor Style Homes 

In the ever-evolving world of architectural design, the Modern Tudor Style is a beacon of elegance and timelessness. As a design-build firm committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality, we have had the privilege of working on numerous projects that celebrate the unique charm of Modern Tudor homes. 

1920s Tudor Restoration by Scott Simpson Design + Build 


Blend of Tradition and Innovation:

Modern Tudor Style homes beautifully blend traditional Tudor elements with contemporary design concepts. The iconic steep gabled roofs, half-timbered exteriors and prominent chimneys are integrated with modern features. This harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation creates a home that feels both classic and cutting-edge.


SSDB Modern Tudor Home 


The architect of the above home, Amy Berka, thinks of the house as tudor “light.” She explains that “Really, there aren’t a lot of truly Tudor details except for the steep pitched roof and stucco walls. We are missing timber beams, brickwork and multiple gabled roofs. But we can call it Tudor Modern because, as with much of our work, that is the starting point or inspiration. From there we have the design flexibility to discard elements that don’t resonate with the owner or with our overall design vision. I am frequently asked: what style is it? As best as possible I dodge that question. The architecture of SSDB is so varied and fluid, we don’t always like to be boxed in by naming or adhering to a particular style.”


Berka continues, “That mentality allows us to have a portfolio that ultimately represents our client’s vision. Even if they didn’t know their vision at the start.” 


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Distinctive Aesthetic Appeal of Modern Tudor Style Homes:

The combination of stucco, brick, and wood accents present in modern Tudor style homes exudes a sense of warmth and sophistication. The asymmetrical facade, steep rooflines, and charming casement windows contribute to a unique curb appeal that stands out in any neighborhood.



Versatile Interior Spaces:

The interior of a Modern Tudor home is a canvas for versatile and functional spaces. High ceilings, large windows, and open floor plans allow for an abundance of natural light, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. The Tudor style’s characteristic exposed wood beams and intricate detailing add a touch of character to every room.



Timeless Elegance of Modern Tudor Style Homes: 

While many architectural styles come and go, the Modern Tudor Style has proven its longevity. Its timeless elegance ensures that these homes remain fashionable and desirable through the years. Investing in a Modern Tudor home is not just a choice for today; it’s a commitment to a residence that will age gracefully and never go out of style.



Customization Opportunities:

As a design-build firm, we appreciate the flexibility and customization opportunities that Modern Tudor homes offer. Clients can personalize their homes while still honoring the essential elements of the Tudor style. This flexibility allows for a tailored living experience that reflects the unique tastes and preferences of each homeowner.



Connection to Nature:

Modern Tudor homes often incorporate outdoor spaces that seamlessly connect with the natural surroundings. Whether through carefully landscaped gardens, floor-to-ceiling windows, charming courtyards, or expansive terraces, these homes encourage a harmonious relationship between indoor and outdoor living. Our team loves to go a step further with conscious design decisions that respect and honor nature. 



In the world of residential architecture, Modern Tudor Style homes stand out as a testament to the longevity and elegance of classic design elements infused with a modern twist. As a design-build firm passionate about creating custom homes that are not just structures but reflections of the people who inhabit them, we find endless inspiration in the beauty and functionality of Modern Tudor homes. If you’re considering a new home or a renovation project, exploring the charm and sophistication of the Modern Tudor Style might just be the key to unlocking your dream living space.


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