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Lake Shore Drive Remodel – Rough Finishes 3E

Take a tour of the “rough finishes” stage of an incredible Lake Shore Drive condominium. Architect Amy Scruggs shares the step-by-step thinking behind a total redesign of a 1920s Chicago co-op and some of the challenges of remodeling in a city high-rise on Lake Michigan.

In this update we look at the statement-making primary bath tile and what’s coming up next on this project!

We hope you enjoy watching the architectural design take shape bit by bit as much as we do. More to come!

We have a custom fabricated tile that’s going into our primary bath. When you take it out of the box, the sheets are marked “A” and then marked “B,” and when you put those two together you end up with a very, very fun pattern. Everything that’s happening in terms of paint color, and cabinet style and finish is really more subtle. The floor is our statement. It’s our place where we’re going to make an impact and everything else that’s going around is just sort of receding to really let that floor stand on its own.

In future videos, we’ll see the crown on the ceiling, finishing these coffers. We’ll be able to see countertops going on the cabinets. We’ll have more cabinetry installed. You know, just the finishing touches: starting the painting, starting to get the wallpaper in, finishing and sanding the floors. It’s going to be a busy couple of months but we’re excited and looking forward to seeing you again soon.