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Lake Shore Drive Remodel – Rough Finishes 3B

Take a tour of the “rough finishes” stage of an incredible Lake Shore Drive condominium. Architect Amy Scruggs shares the step-by-step thinking behind a total redesign of a 1920s Chicago co-op and some of the challenges of remodeling in a city high-rise on Lake Michigan.

In this update we look at timeless and classic (but not too traditional) white marble bath tile and the importance of grout color choice – details that might seem inconsequential – but to us, provides an opportunity to elevate our craft.

We hope you enjoy watching the architectural design take shape bit by bit as much as we do. More to come!

The North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago Architecture Series:

The whole aesthetic for this bath is to make sure that it feels timeless and classic, but not too traditional. And we’ve finished laying the floor tile here. It’s a really, really beautiful white marble.

And we spent some time this morning with the tile setter and with the owner trying to decide – should the grout be gray? Should the grout be white? What are you going to really see?

And when you look at an example here where you have gray and white coming together, we’ve elected to do a light gray grout that’s going to match the gray border pieces – thinking that it would be easier to match that, than it would be to match the white.

And it may seem like an inconsequential decision – and who really cares gray or white, just pick something – but when you get that tray of grout out and you really start thinking about how it’s going to look – these are the sorts of details that we focus on. And it might be the minutia but those sorts of details, I think, are what elevates our architecture and elevates our craft.