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Lake Shore Drive Remodel – Rough Finishes 3C

Take a tour of the “rough finishes” stage of an incredible Lake Shore Drive condominium. Architect Amy Scruggs shares the step-by-step thinking behind a total redesign of a 1920s Chicago co-op and some of the challenges of remodeling in a city high-rise on Lake Michigan.

In this update we look at custom-milled woodwork, patching together existing and new wood flooring and floor stain options that start to tie everything together.

We hope you enjoy watching the architectural design take shape bit by bit as much as we do. More to come!

Since we’ve been here last, we’ve accomplished a ton. We’ve passed all of our rough inspections so all of our rough plumbing, electrical and mechanical work is finished.

We’ve had all of the casing milled to match the casing that was here originally.

Almost all of the hardwood floor has been laid. It’s a combination of new floor, where there’s been so much remodeling work that we couldn’t keep the existing floor, and there’s places where we’re keeping the existing floor and it’ll be refinished and, where we need to, we’ve been patching new flooring in. There’s a great example here of patching in new flooring, seamless with the flooring that’s here, for this enlarged opening.

The floor stain color that was here was kind of a 1980’s brown, wearing away in some places. So we’re going to sand all of the existing floor and re-stain it, refinish it. We put together some floor stain samples here, on site, for the owner to look at. We’ve kept them up for about a month so that they could see it at different times of day. Now that the cabinetry is also being installed we can sort of layer those pieces together and make sure that the stain sample that we’re going to actually apply in a few weeks, is working in terms of color and temperature and mood and everything else with the cabinetry and other finishes that are going in.