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8 Ways to a Better Custom Home Build

When you’ve decided to build a custom home, key actions up-front will set a much smoother path.

1. Hire an integrated Architecture-Construction firm
A unified team collaborating on a single vision under a single contract is proven to save money, tighten the delivery schedule and heighten out-of-the-box creativity. Your project benefits immensely when one firm holds responsibility from design through performance.

2. Trust your gut
Building takes communication, inspiration and patience. A team offering easy-going smarts, authentic conversation and comic relief is as important as their relevant experience, financial stability and solid reputation.

3. Envision with experts
Nothing saves time and money like agile experts who already have years of experience. Work with professionals devoted to helping you visualize where you want to end before you begin. A great design-build team will have processes that prioritize your input and offer guidance with transparency to economize and strengthen your decision-making along the way.

4. Think about the long-term
Adding eco-conscious elements such as reclaimed materials, water management systems or geothermal energy can pay themselves off over time. Be sure your team has the experience and resources that will benefit your property well into the future.

5. Get a multi-year whole-house warranty
It’s important for your new home to settle through several seasons. Your builder should have the confidence to cover everything over which they had responsibility – for an extended period of time.

6. Get local
Your builder should have strong working relationships with your village, local sub contractors and material manufacturers in the area to cut through issues and speed things along.

7. Choose field-tested smarts
Every project faces unique challenges. Nothing saves time and money like agile experts who have years of experience with projects of all design styles and sizes.

8. Be true to yourself
A great builder will have processes that prioritize your input and offer transparency with any guidance. If you’ve always wanted a safe room, a Harry Potter nook or a climbing wall there is always a way to make it happen. You just need a team with the expertise to balance your wish list with your budget.

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