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Homebuilding and Music

A Passion for Homebuilding and Music

Music has been a passion and thread through my life – connecting people, special occasions, milestones, memories. I’ve been thinking about the parallels between my appreciation for music and musicians and the profession I’ve chosen – building homes.

Early listening was my parents’ Dave Brubeck, Elton John, Carly Simon, Simon and Garfunkel albums. My older brother’s collection of Black Sabbath. Foreigner, Led Zeppelin, and Molly Hatchet filled our house during the 70s and 80s until I found Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, and U2. To this day these are the backbone of my record collection, mixtapes, and Pandora lists.

Now, listening with my daughters, I find myself the student as much as the teacher. All kinds of rock, folk, blues, Americana, reggae, jazz and classical. My girls love live music as much as I do. A true test of one’s talent and craft.

I most admire the musical artists that are in it for the long haul. And I look at architecture and construction in a similar way: They don’t want to be a flash in the pan. They look at it like a craft. Always trying to get better. They compete with no one but themselves and try to outdo their past efforts. They learn from mistakes. Trying new things, instruments, effects, or genres is scary. Pushing themselves and collaborators takes commitment and passion. A solo artist is never truly solo – it takes an enormously talented team to give them the opportunity to do their best work. I look at our team the same way.

And I also like to fill the office and job sites with exceptional music.

Scott Simpson