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Behind the Build: Framing Client Tour

A behind-the-build look at the client experience during custom home construction – touring the framed first floor, working with lenders, anticipating the effect of finishes, seeing architectural plans come to life.

Enjoy our video series of this new construction design-build in progress!


Video Transcript

Hi this is Tom Kenny with Scott Simpson Design Build. We’ve finally gotten the chance to actually build the walls at 1020 Butternut and we’re starting to take our clients through so that they can experience the spaces as they’re actually being conceived in the building.

John Ross, Client: Never built a house before, first time. The house we live in now we like, but there are rooms that we don’t use, so, it really made us think, what do we use the most, where do we want to put our time and money. So, it’s been really cool. A lotta fun.

Tom Kenny: It’s just impossible for someone to understand what their spaces are gonna feel like from 30 sheets of drawing. When you bring them in, they get it. Alright so, this is the door to your porch and there’s a fireplace out there, so you guys can be hanging out there in the summertime and you come in here, this is the entryway and over there’s your family room. So, over there’s gonna be another fireplace, and some benches and some windows and so that’ll be really cool. Right where this window is, is gonna be your kitchen sink, it’s gonna be looking out to the backyard. This is gonna be a 10 foot 8 inches long giant island in the middle of your kitchen with cabinetry all in here. So this is the first mudroom with a cathedral ceiling I’ve ever built in 30 years.

John Ross: We’re excited to see how the mudroom is gonna tie in with the garage, how the garage is just gonna basically look like the house with the finishes and everything with the different apexes on the roof. We’re super excited to see how that dynamic comes together.

Tom Kenny: So there’s your front door, out the front door will be your front porch.

John Ross: This is really going to be open, it’s going to be very inviting.

Tom Kenny: There’s your staircase that goes up and into the second floor. This is where you go down to the basement. You go down to the basement, and then your bar is over there. And over there is the theater, kind of right below you. You wanted all this really cool paneling, so we designed all this paneling that goes up the stairs.

John Ross: I had no idea what to expect when it came to trying to build a house and the financials and stuff like that. The banks I met with and including TK (Tom Kenny) with his background, were extremely helpful to me. Interest rates now are great so it definitely pays to borrow the money if you’re going to build. And so it was a very, very pleasant experience and a lot of people out there are eager to help.

John Ross: Every step is going to be super exciting for us. When we drove by after we went away for a week and we came back, the kids and Hillary all screamed when they saw the house, because when we left there were no studs or anything up and then the first floor was kind of framed in, so that was super exciting.

Tom Kenny: (written on the construction fence in cups) “Verso el alto”, which means “to the heights” – because this house, when it’s built, will be so tall it will respond in the neighborhood as a great beacon.

John Ross: It’s just the openness and the scale and just all the things coming together that we picked out that we absolutely love. The finishes, the trims, everything, the lighting, and just having it open and exactly what we want is is super, super exciting.