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Building vs Buying a home

Building vs buying a home

In today’s real estate market, the decision to build a custom home or buy an existing home can be a difficult one. Both options have their pros and cons, and it’s important to understand the basics before making a choice.

Custom-Built Homes Have Meaningful Advantages:

    • Personalization
      • The ability to personalize every aspect of the home design is perhaps the most enticing advantage of custom home construction. The home is completely customized to fit how you live, without compromise.
      • Materials, finishes, and fixtures, can be selected to reflect the unique taste and preferences of the owner. This level of personalization fosters a deep emotional connection to the property, making it truly feel like a “dream home.”
    • Quality Craftsmanship
      • Custom home builders prioritize quality craftsmanship to meet the homeowner’s specific requirements.
      • After more than 30 years building luxury homes on the North Shore, Scott Simpson Design + Build has an experienced team of architects, craftspeople and builders as well as deep connection to experts in every aspect of homebuilding to be sure they deliver a structurally sound and visually stunning residence.
    •  Functionality and Efficiency
      • The best architects know how to position a home to take advantage of the expected sun exposure on each unique lot to maximize daylight and cooling opportunities.
      • Custom homes design can integrate energy-efficient systems, eco-friendly materials and smart home technologies that not only reduce environmental impact, but also lead to long-term cost savings on utility bills.
      • Learn about Green Homes Scott Simpson Design + Build has brought to fruition >>

        When deciding whether building vs buying a home is right for you, you may want to consider the ability to integrate eco-efficiency and green technologies into your home. This first LEED-Gold certified home in Glenview is a stunning example.

    • Pride of Ownership
      • The journey to create a custom home fosters a sense of accomplishment and pride of ownership that is unparalleled. It is an opportunity to see one’s vision come to life and create a space that nurtures family life and memories for generations to come.
      • Our team ensures that everyone in the family has the opportunity to talk through what they really want and need in the new home design. Take a look at some of our favorite projects >>

    Our team has designed and built some of the most beautiful homes on the North Shore and beyond.

Pre-Built or existing homes also have some advantages:

    • Convenience and Time-savings
      • Purchasing an existing property allows you to quickly move in and start living in your home, which makes sense for people who need immediate housing.
    • Established Neighborhoods and Amenities
      • Pre-built houses are often located in well-established neighborhoods with developed amenities like schools, parks, shopping centers, and public transportation options. This can enhance the quality of life and provide a sense of community from day one.
    • Cost Predictability
      • With a pre-built house, buyers can accurately assess the total cost upfront, as the price is typically fixed. This certainty helps in budgeting and obtaining mortgage financing, which can be more challenging with custom homes due to potential fluctuation in expenses.
    • Far Fewer Decisions Need to be Made
      • For buyers who are not keen on making design and construction decisions, a pre-built house offers the advantage of minimal options. This can alleviate stress and simplify the home-buying experience.

If you choose to build a custom home, consider hiring a Design + Build firm. Here’s why:

    • It has serious financial benefits versus traditional design-bid-build. Some great stats from the Design-Build Data Sourcebook compiled by the Design-Build Institute of America show that Design-Build (vs. Design-Bid-Build) has a:
      • 102% faster delivery speed
      • 36% faster construction Speed
      • 3.8% less cost growth
      • 1.7% less schedule growth
      • 0.3% lower overall cost
    • Cross-discipline insights (architects, craftspeople, suppliers, etc.) on one team under one contract saves money
      • Concurrent productivity and earlier involvement across the team saves time
      • Focused expertise promotes innovation and inspiration
      • Higher responsibility elevates standards

In addition to all of this, Scott Simpson Design + Build has another advantage: Our Open Book Pricing. This is unique in the industry. Ask us about it >>>

Building vs buying a home can be a challenging decision. If you’re interested in talking about the range of advantages afforded by a custom home build, get in touch with us.