Devoted to the craft of elevating spaces


With more than 30 years’ experience, we know that each space needs the right measure of passion, process and patience to evolve into an accomplished design and quality build. Whether you’re needing Integrated Design expertise for brand new construction, historic renovation or sophisticated eco-conscious/green building, our work together will be collaborative, organized, lively and open to discovery.

A unified team of architects and builders collaborating on a single vision under a single contract. Design-build is proven to save money, tighten the delivery schedule and heighten out-of-the-box creativity. Your project benefits immensely when our firm holds responsibility from design through performance.

Green Building
We educate homeowners on the healthiest building choices. We’ll help you understand geothermal energy, solar panels, green roofs, local sourcing and reclaimed materials. We are dedicated to sustainability not only as it relates to earth-friendly materials and long-lasting quality construction, but also the recycling of 97% of our construction waste.

Historic Renovation
Scott Simpson Design + Build is the winner of eight historic preservation awards. Scott Simpson Design + Build has the expertise and fine craftspeople to address the most challenging historic renovation projects. The goal of our work is to restore a historic home as closely to its heritage as possible, while making updates that meet the needs of the family.

We will listen to you. We will keep your budget in mind at all times. We will look out for you. And, if our past experiences hold any indication, we will form a lasting friendship.

We look forward to showing you our best work.