Video Library: Before and After, Architectural Process, Remodels 150 150 Administrator

Video Library: Before and After, Architectural Process, Remodels

Please visit our new Video Library for exciting behind the scenes videos of our architects and builders on the job!

  • DECONSTRUCTION VIDEOS – the kinder-to-the-environment choice where we conscientiously take apart an older structure to pull out the recyclable and reusable elements for future projects.
  • ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN VIDEOS – our architects guide you through every decision: Design brainstorm, design inspirations, 3D models, selections, appliances and finishes are part of the exhilaration of designing and building a home.
  • INSTALLATION VIDEOS – from pool houses to concrete to framing and kitchen counters – ride along with our team to see how complicated custom home features are pulled together.
  • VIDEO SERIES – follow the step-by-step build of a single family home in Northbrook or a high-rise luxury condo build on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.
  • TIMELAPSE VIDEOS – all the architectural decisions blend into the build in our time lapse construction videos.
  • CLIENT TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS – hear it what it’s like to work with us – straight from the wonderful people who have!