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The Love of Design-Build

Happy Valentine’s Day from the SSDB family!

Dear Valentines,


We don’t say it enough.

We love this work we get to do.


We love getting up early to meet the trucks.

We love working late to beat the snow.

We love pulling together the drawings and thinking the whole thing through.

We love cutting the beams, smoothing the concrete and lifting the stone.

We love recycling the old to make room for the new.

We love the craft itself.


We love sharing our passion with the next generation.

We love thinking about the future of the families that will live in spaces we create.

We love watching our clients light up on move-in day.


And we really don’t say it enough.

We love this work we get to do – and the people we do it for.

We especially love the people we do it with.

We honestly, truly love our jobs.


We are hopeful you are as lucky in love as we are.

Happy Valentine’s Day.