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Client Testimonials

A great way to get to know us is through our design-build clients! After 30 years of designing and building custom homes on Chicago’s North Shore for so many families, we are truly grateful for their kind words and lasting friendships.


  • We planned on talking to three or four different builders and we met with Simpson and then we didn’t meet with anybody else.
  • They built us a beautiful home. We’re so grateful and the compliments that we get just make us feel so good. We had fun doing it, too.
  • We like the idea of having the coordination collaboration of a team of people versus having an outside architect and builder. As the process unfolded, we really saw the benefit of that.
  • I don’t think about the team as builders as much as friends.
  • I love the step-by-step process sitting down. We know our budget and we know how exactly what everything costs and just being able to know that I can sleep a lot better at night.
  • They’re great listeners. They provide high-quality a high-quality product and I think great customer service.
  • Back after they did that first job for us, we had a half a dozen of his new prospective clients walk through our house and I think every one of them got the job.
  • They love what they do, they have, I don’t know, almost like a childish fun about what they do and it’s just nice to see.
  • I like that I feel like I could still recommend them to every single one of my friends and we’ve used them for projects since.
  • Building your dream and working with people and making it come real can be so fun.
  • We’d be divorced if weren’t for all those people.
  • The workmanship and the quality of what they build is amazing. So, we feel very fortunate that we made the right choice in builders.

What three words best describe Scott Simpson Design + Build?

  • Truthful, innovative and kind.
  • Dependability and skillful and on-time.
  • Fun, integrity, (Good one) and excellent.
  • Collaborative and hardworking, detail-oriented, creative, for sure.
  • Loyal, fun, honest.

What did you learn from Scott Simpson Design + Build?

  • Scott and Tk, and the whole team just really taught me to trust in the process and trust in them and their expertise.
  • I learned that I could really, um, stay married to you throughout the whole process.
  • Amy, for sure taught me how important symmetry is.
  • I’ve learned to make the decision and move on. Yay!
  • I just truly feel that they’re looking out for our better interests.
  • Every day, I sit back and say this is the best decision I ever made.
  • We loved working with you the first time. We loved working with you the second time even more. You know, keep going, we might have a third one in us.
  • It’s been an incredible experience. I mean the entire team has been, very, very thorough, accommodating, we’ve got a great relationship with them.
  • A couple days after moving into the house, there’s a huge storm, like storm of the century and I was trying to put my little guy to bed and it was still windy and thundering and he was very afraid, he was about six at the time, and I told him It was gonna be okay. It was gonna be okay. And he goes, “Mama, I know it’s gonna okay, because Scott Simpson built this house.”
  • We loved working with you. We love being your friends now. You guys are wonderful members of the community, and, um, you just you just can’t go wrong.

Thank you to our wonderful clients!