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Behind the Build: Architecture and Design

The Scott Simpson Design + Build architects and design team will guide you through every decision needed to transform tracing paper sketches into a custom home that will bring you a sense of joy and well-being every day. Your experience will include design brainstorms with our in-house architects, where you’ll review design inspirations and watch your plans as they develop from pencil drawings to 2D blueprints to 3D models. You’ll make selections for everything from appliances to materials and finishes. It’s all part of the exhilaration of designing and building a custom home.


As part of our process of design and architecture for custom homes, we spend a lot of time with clients working with them to pull images, – things that they see on Instagram, hotels they’ve stayed at, neighbor’s houses, friend’s houses – so that we can get in their mind and make sure that the ultimate design and materials is flushing out that vision for them.


Every time we start a job we do multiple options and we start drawing by hand. This is the no commitment stage, where we’re just brainstorming and seeing what everyone thinks. The architect in the room is not always the person who has all the ideas and there are a lot of things in drawings that are a direct result of feedback from the client. Our favorite client is an engaged client, someone who wants to participate in the process and have fun with us.


Most clients struggle a little bit to look at and understand two dimensional drawing or a hand sketch, so when we translate that into a 3D model, where we can spin all the way around the building, the lightbulb goes off. Clients start to have the most fun when we start talking about interior finishes. Our practice provides full design services so, together, we will design cabinetry, we’ll pick stone, tile, plumbing, appliances, light fixtures, door hardware, you name it.


We meet with clients every two weeks to make sure that the process is flowing smoothly, that everything that they’ve envisioned on paper is occurring before their eyes as we build it. We’re working together for a long time, from start to finish, and beyond. Every project that we do is completely personal. We don’t use the same plan, we don’t use the same materials, we’re designing from the ground up for a family and how they want to live and how they see their lives unfolding in materials, and forms, and spaces – and ending up with a product at the end of the day that you walk in the front door and you pinch yourself and say I can’t believe I get to live here.