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Modern Luxury – RE Visionaries

Thank you, Modern Luxury for including us as Real Estate Visionaries in your Hope issue.

  • RE Visionary What characteristics define a “Real Estate Visionary” & how are you one? What’s the secret to your success? A real estate visionary is someone who sees and understands that beautiful physical architecture elevates the human spirit. A visionary can recognize authentic quality, both in design and craft, and understand how spaces grow an internal sense of gratitude.
  • Covid-19 Pandemic How do you think this has changed the real estate landscape for the foreseeable future or forever (both good and bad?) We are extremely confident in the resilience of our economy and the adaptability of real estate professionals and homeowners. We anticipate a market shift of families moving away from the density of the city to the green space, backyards, trampolines, home offices and sanctuary of the suburbs.
  • Trends What are the new trends that you see for your business? Even pre-Covid-19 we were designing homes with designated homework and office spaces. People are also maximizing indoor/outdoor living with pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, sunrooms, screened porches. We’re also seeing lots of first floor primary bedrooms and multi-generational homes containing multiple suites. Overall – flexibility of space for togetherness and privacy is key.
  • Future Work At Home As more companies seem open to flexible work schedules and less forced commutes how do you see this impacting your business? Though most work on job sites has been able to continue, social distancing has affected our team’s ability to connect and we haven’t been able to collaborate in-person with our clients in the way we would like. On the plus side, we’ve discovered video communications to be pretty enjoyably casual.
  • Highlight of the Year Tell us about your best milestone or achievement in the last year. We celebrated our 25th anniversary last year so it’s been a time of reflecting and planning for the next 25. It’s been a challenging, wonderful, long road of designing and building great homes but it’s the lifelong friendships formed and watching families grow in spaces we built that make all the difference.
  • Dream Team What makes yours team a dream? Why are they the best in the biz? We are sincerely devoted to each other, our subcontractors and our clients. There has been an unspoken rule at our company from the beginning – we show up for each other. It feels a bit like living in a “Friends’ episode with lots of laughs and lots of heartfelt joy.
  • Passion Project How do you give back? Through the inspiration of a client we helped found Revolution Workshop – a nonprofit workforce training program for carpentry and woodworking with a social enterprise component. 92% of RW graduates are placed in jobs through our network of large union shops and small design-build firms. It is enormously rewarding.
  • Big Picture What does the future look like for you, big dreams, end game? The future is looking awesome. We are looking forward to more challenging projects and new opportunities with great architecture as our driving force. We still wake up every day excited to get to work.

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