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Thank you, Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago, for featuring our Chicago townhome renovation in your article “The Call of the City” in your April 2021 issue!

“A pair of suburban empty nesters drawn to the action downtown relocate to a gut reno magically transformed by Scott Simpson Design + Build.”

THE CLIENT “A referral connected Scott Simpson Design + Build’s team with the clients, young empty nesters from the western suburbs with a very active lifestyle who wanted to be close to the action in the city. Explains Amy Mangold, principal architect for the Northbrook-based firm and the lead on this project, “We met on-site to brainstorm design ideas, and we just clicked right off the bat. Our clients’ hopes of what it could become matched our vision for what the home would become.”

THE PRIORITY “To modernize,” states Mangold. “The home had not been touched since it was first constructed, so every inch of bad tile, countertops, old plumbing and ancient appliances had to be replaced—not to mention the peach and lime green walls.” Also, she notes, “Our clients were moving from a large suburban home to an urban townhouse, so creating light, airy and harmonious spaces was top of mind.”

THE CHALLENGE “The townhouse is only 20 feet wide but has 11-foot ceilings, so it’s tall but narrow, which can be tricky. We worked very hard to make sure that the redesigned spaces felt proportional and that new cabinetry and finishes were appropriately scaled.”

THE DETAIL “The main living level is a dream,” enthuses Mangold. “Living, dining and kitchen are adjacent yet still feel separate, and the cabinetry in the kitchen extends to the ceiling. That’s very valuable real estate, and a rolling ladder allows easy access.”

THE OUTCOME “Due to COVID (like the rest of us), they have spent a lot of time in their new home,” Mangold observes, “and they couldn’t be happier. Swapping the burbs for River East was a big decision, and they have no regrets.”

See the whole urban townhome renovation project on our site for more photos and details.

Credit: Stoffer Photography Interiors