A Passion for Homebuilding and Music 780 439 Administrator
Homebuilding and Music

A Passion for Homebuilding and Music

Music has been a passion and thread through my life – connecting people, special occasions, milestones, memories. I’ve been thinking…

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Geothermal Energy 728 410 Administrator

Geothermal Energy

Digging down 40 stories to use the Earth to heat and cool a house as eco-consciously as possible? Yah, we…

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Elevating Life Through Beautiful Spaces 1024 576 Administrator
Thomas Kenny "TK" Construction Job Site Work Desk

Elevating Life Through Beautiful Spaces

People behave differently in different places. A person walking into a medieval cathedral or a forest tends toward quiet. The…

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Creating a Rain Garden 728 410 Administrator

Creating a Rain Garden

Opportunities to raise your eco-consciousness can be as close as your own backyard. Scott Simpson Design + Build created the…

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Staircase Trigonometry 728 410 Administrator

Staircase Trigonometry

Created as an educational learning tool, here Scott Simpson Design + Build explores the trigonometry behind constructing a staircase. —…

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