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Scott Simpson Design Build

Old Dog, New Tricks

After 25 years in business, we are more inspired than ever and excited for all that lies ahead. As we look to the next 25 years, we do so with the knowledge we have gained from the past and a finger on the pulse of what this ever-changing industry demands.

With that, we proudly present our new name, Scott Simpson Design + Build. For those who have built with us recently, you are well acquainted with our holistic approach and integrated model of architecture and construction under one roof from one dynamic team. You have experienced what this new name means and how it is realized – with your architect and contractor working hand-in-hand to dream, design and build the house you’ve always wanted. Our belief in this integrated approach is so firm that we wanted it reflected in our name as we embarked on the next 25 years of business.

Our new name also comes with a new logo; one we feel more accurately represents our brand, culture and philosophy, as well as our collaborative model.  The new logo incorporates an “Eban,” a symbol that translates to fence and signifies safety, security and love. The fence symbolically separates and secures a family living in the home from the outside world. For us, this symbol perfectly demonstrates our devotion to clients and our passion for building homes of architectural distinction and construction integrity.

As we celebrate this milestone, we do so with gratitude for the clients who have let us inside their fence and have trusted us with their dreams. We thank you for the past 25 years as Scott Simpson Builders and look forward to working with you again as Scott Simpson Design + Build.

With gratitude,

The Scott Simpson Design + Build Team