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The City-to-Suburb Transition: Building a New House

There are times in life when you start thinking about what could be better. When you take stock, count your blessings and gather strength to make a big change. 2020 has unexpectedly accelerated this sort of personal reflection for just about everyone. While the pandemic has created many uncertainties about the future, it has profoundly solidified one thing: home is the foundation of sanctuary, well-being and inspiration that enables a family to thrive.

Increased Appeal of the Suburbs

For many city-dwellers the original appeal of urban living is now fading to the promise of the green space, low-density and tranquility of the suburbs. Historically, this type of mindset is not uncommon after a global incident. The effects of World War II sparked a decades-long trend of suburbanization, nearly tripling the percent of the U.S. population living in the suburbs between 1940 and 1970.

The most celebrated difference between the city and suburbs can be summed up in one word: space. Unrestricted, beautiful, personal space. While space is inherent with most suburban properties, new demand for higher-performing indoor space is driving expectations that most older homes cannot meet. In order to benefit from an evolving and modern strategy for maximizing space, the most powerful approach to a city-suburban move is to build a home, rather than buy existing.

Custom Spaces through Design + Build

Working with experts to design and build a home empowers you to satisfy family needs while infusing personal style throughout the interplay of both common and private spaces. Allowing architecture to lead the process ensures that custom specifics – such as dedicated working and learning spaces or accommodations for aging in place and multi-generation living – are future-forward. It also provides the opportunity to evaluate rising trends – like indoor/outdoor living amenities of pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, sunrooms, and screened porches – with those who have experience in different solutions from concept to creation.

With a life change like this, the journey is as important as the destination. Each new home needs the right measure of passion, process and patience to evolve from architectural designs into an accomplished, quality build, so you’ll want to vet resources until you find a firm with the right combination of experience, expertise, references, local ties – and the right vibe – to deliver on your vision. It has been proven that a united architecture-construction firm like Scott Simpson Design + Build that includes licensed architects, builders, a dedicated project management team and long-standing subcontractors, suppliers and craftspeople will maximize spending power and minimize obstacles – allowing your family to enjoy the luxury of a collaborative, informed and inspiring process all along the way.

New Goals: New Home

A city-to-suburb move with new home construction managed by a single design-build team will ensure that your forward-looking goals are supported by beautiful, realistic and cost-efficient design and construction plans that match your family needs, evolve timelessly, are kind to the environment and deliver beauty with grace.

Well-being is everything and a home of perfect spaces is where it all begins.


This SSDB article originally ran in Modern Luxury.