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Scott Simpson Design Build metal sign in fall leaves by a lake new home construction build site

Architects for Second Homes

Building second homes is an absolute passion of ours and we understand, more than ever, about the power of a change in scenery. If you have always wanted a city pied-à-terre to take advantage of living right here by Chicago, we have been doing some incredible remodels we would be happy to walk you through for ideas.

For those looking to escape to the lake or the woods, you can actually work with our local team right here to design a house, pick the finishes, manage the budget, etc. while we work as your representative where we coordinate the build with local resources.

Our 25+ years of custom home architecture and building reaches beyond the North Shore of Chicago, creating idyllic home-away-from-home residences in our clients’ favorite second home spots like Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, downtown Chicago or even Colorado.

See more about specific out-of-town projects and our architecture, design and build of second homes here!