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Good Neighbors Midwest Living

Thank you, Midwest Living, for including Revolution Workshop (co-founded by Scott Simpson) in Good Neighbors of the November/December issue 2021 and for your generous donation!

“KNOCK ON WOOD. Scott Simpson, a skilled trades employer in Chicago, cofounded Revolution Workshop with a simple mindset: A hammer and nails can’t solve every problem, but those basic tools can do a world of good. The nonprofit aims to reduce inequity by providing construction job training to people in marginalized communities, which in turn helps grow and diversify the city’s pool of qualified workers. Since 2018, 185 people have completed the program, with 90 percent of graduates securing jobs locally. “Individuals who come to our training are from underserved, underinvested and disenfranchised communities that have truly been left behind,” says Manny Rodriguez, executive director. “We provide these individuals with skills they’ll have for a lifetime.” (Holiday tip: Revolution Workshop sells wood furniture and products made by its graduates. Their cutting boards, plant stands and coasters support the cause and make great gifts.)

As part of our Good Neighbors program, highlighting unique Midwest nonprofits and individuals making our communities stronger, Midwest Living has donated $500 to Revolution Workshop.”