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Apartment Therapy 1024 576 Administrator
multi generational home master bathroom bathtub

Apartment Therapy

Thank you, apartment therapy, for including us in your feature “What’s Better for Resale Value: A Soaking Tub or an…

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Patch and 628 339 Administrator
IMPACT Northbrook and SSDB volunteers on porch of home for Special Spaces project

Patch and

Thank you, Patch and for featuring the IMPACT Northbrook and SSDB makeover of Westen’s room! “Non-profit IMPACT Northbrook and Scott…

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NS Modern Luxury 1024 576 Administrator
NS Modern Luxury Cover

NS Modern Luxury

Thank you, NS Modern Luxury for including us in this gorgeous lifestyle spread alongside 2to5design. We loved being a part…

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Sheridan Road 720 576 Administrator
Wilmette 1800s Historic Home Greek Revival Early Photo

Sheridan Road

Thank you, Sheridan Road, for covering our Wilmette Historic Renovation! “…Having undergone several renovations over the years, with some of…

read more, SFGate, Houston Chronicle 1024 576 Administrator
Wilmette 1800s Historic Home Greek Revival Ionic-style Capitols, SFGate, Houston Chronicle

Thank you,, SFGate and Houston Chronicle for including TK and SSDB in “7 Architectural Elements You Should Never Touch…

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Architectural Digest – Pro 1024 555 Administrator
Scott Simpson Design Build Full Team of Architects, Builders, Designers, Construction

Architectural Digest – Pro

Thank you, Architectural Digest Pro, for covering our rebrand! “Scott Simpson Builders Rebrands as Scott Simpson Design + Build Scott…

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Home Builder Digest 1024 576 Administrator
green home builders

Home Builder Digest

Thank you, Home Builder Digest, for including us as one of your “Top 10 Best Custom Home Builders in Chicago”!…

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Omaha World Herald 1024 576 Administrator
Highland Park Modern Home Renovation Home Office Floor to Ceiling Windows

Omaha World Herald

Thank you, Omaha World Herald, for including Scott Simpson in your “From ranch to townhouse: What design is right for…

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The Northbrook Tower Daily 1024 683 Administrator
paige wenk in kitchen

The Northbrook Tower Daily

Thank you, The Northbrook Tower Daily, for welcoming Paige Wenk to the team! “Northbrook Resident Paige Wenk recently joined the…

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Crain’s Chicago Business 400 400 Administrator
paige wenk sitting in chair

Crain’s Chicago Business

Thank you, Crain’s Chicago Business for welcoming Paige Wenk to the Scott Simpson Design Build team! “Scott Simpson Design +…

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