TJ Floyd

TJ Floyd, Assistant Project Manager

In the summer of 2015, I was only weeks away from training to become a Correctional Officer for the State of Wisconsin when I was injured laboring for a concrete company. I quite literally stumbled into a career in construction. After spending multiple years as a project manager building distribution facilities in the industrial market, it became clear to me that the cutthroat, unappreciative, money-over-quality attitude of the industry was one that was not suited for my personality. Simply put… I care too much. Lucky for me, I found place where caring is the name of the game.

So here I am, Construction Project Manager for the team at Scott Simpson Design + Build. I use a conglomerate of previous accomplishments and failures, impeccable hard work, dedication and relentless pursuit of success. I strive to overachieve on client expectations. I am beyond ecstatic to build places for people to call home.

TJ Floyd’s Background

I was a five-time state champion athlete in high school, and 4-year NCAA baseball player. My love for sports has engrained in me an endless drive to win. Unfortunately, wanting to win and being a Bears fan haven’t meshed well in my lifetime. When I’m not on the court or field, I’m probably fishing or with family and friends… or fishing with family and friends.

I think life (including work) is more fun when we’re all laughing, so let’s have some fun.

“Only you can hold yourself back.”