Matt Coyle

Matt Coyle, Construction Site Superintendent

Self-inspired: a term my family uses to describe me. I have been intrigued by carpentry and working with my hands, building, and craftsman’s skills since I was young. My parents had odd jobs building or fixing various walls/objects around the house. Instead of calling a “handyman”, I was more than happy to jump in. Cut from a different cloth from my salesman family, and after years of their “encouragement” to join the sales force, I knew where my heart belonged. Getting my hands dirty and being involved in projects, big or small, is what I aspire to perfect as my career as Construction Superintendent develops and expands to new levels.

Persistent: a term used most often to describe me. It took a bit longer than I would have thought to be a part of the SSDB team but the wait was well worth it.

Building and Craftsmanship

Family: The term I use to describe the SSDB team. I started in September 2020 and have never felt more supported or appreciated for the work I put forth. As I’m working to perfect my craft daily, I find more enjoyment and encouragement from each and every project brought my way. I have a hobby I love and I am fortunate enough to be paid for doing what I love.

Fisherman: My side job. The only hobby that I love and don’t get paid for. Until I catch my dinner!

Can’t lives on won’t street.

Ed Coyle

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