Danny Russell

Danny Russell, Assistant Project Manager for Scott Simpson Design + Build

Coming from a family of carpenters I’ve always had an interest in buildings and the many ways that they come together. Every little detail is integrated to make a house that will soon become someone’s home and I wanted to be a part of this personal process. This is why I went to the University of Missouri to study Architectural Studies. Through school, however, I learned that this wasn’t exactly what I wanted – I didn’t want to design the house, I wanted to help build it. This is precisely what I get do at Scott Simpson Design + Build.

Even though it took a little while to realize what I wanted – I’m still just a young buck – I was given a chance to keep etching this path at SSDB. They have taught me way more than I had hoped and the exciting part is I’m still learning every day. As one of the partners put it, “Your learning curve is vertical.” At first it was daunting but now it’s fun… Apparently learning about insulation can be fun?

Family of Builders, Builders as Family

I’m not sure where I’ll be in five or ten years but I hope that I will continue learning and growing with Scott Simpson Design + Build in more than just a professional manner. The family aspect that each person in the SSDB office brings is what keeps everyone coming back, including myself.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Sean Patrick Flanery