Amy Mangold

Joining Scott Simpson Design + Build is the culmination of a life-long dream: to practice collaborative architecture with cerebral partners that support my values of honesty, simplicity, creativity and quality — ours is a practice where clients become thinkers and co-conspirators of great design.

Our take on architecture | construction – Integrated Design – was hatched over breakfast one morning about 6 years ago. So, while I am the last to join the SSDB family, don’t worry – I’ve known Scott, TK and Kathleen for 12+ years. I designed TK and Jenny’s house and can still remember TK challenging me to apply Vitruvian principles to the space. What a start!

Everyone knows Scott and TK – it’s hard not to after 25+ years of their trucks driving up and down Sheridan Road. Not everyone knows about me though, so here goes:

As a North Shore architect, I have finally moved “up north” closer to work. I am newly married and the proud mother of two stray dogs, Libbie and Bill. When I am not working, you will find me outside on, near or in the water.

I grew up in Park Ridge and studied architecture at IIT – kind of by accident. When I told Joe Bonadonna, my high school counselor, that I wanted to go to college and paint, he laughed out loud, raised his eyebrows and asked me if I wanted to starve. No. So that’s how I ended up in architecture school.

After graduation (one of only six women in my class) I worked at Solomon Cordwell Buenz on high-rise residential projects in Chicago and San Francisco. I left SCB to join Michael Hershenson Architects and explore smaller scale, relationship-focused residential work. After several years at MHA, I joined Stuart Cohen & Julie Hacker Architects to focus on complex renovations of historic homes.

And, remarkably 20 years later, here I am doing what I love at Scott Simpson Design + Build.

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

Katharine Hepburn